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July, 2023 31st

Enlivening The Ritz-Carlton Credo By Delivering on Guest Privacy

When we bring the culture of The Ritz-Carlton brand to life, we can help our guests create memories that last a lifetime.  However, if someone doesn’t feel safe in our hotels, we may miss the opportunity to build a strong relationship with them.  The Ritz-Carlton Credo begins, “The genuine care and comfort of our guests […]

January, 2023 01st

3 Reasons Your Culture Should be a Strategic Priority in 2023

As companies around the globe continue to adjust to the future of work, there is stress and uncertainty consuming our lives in ways people have never experienced before. More than ever, employees need effective leadership and purpose centered around an authentic, genuine, connected culture. Without a strong culture, companies will lose talent and profit, only to […]

December, 2022 08th

A Look at Discretionary Effort: A Driver for Excellence

One of the many things that makes The Ritz-Carlton unique is that we look at the propensity a Lady or Gentleman has for demonstrating discretionary effort – that little bit of extra effort a person chooses to exert when no one is looking. The Ritz-Carlton actively seeks out Ladies and Gentlemen who find joy and […]

October, 2022 18th

The Impact of Uncompromising Levels of Cleanliness on the Guest Experience

The twelfth Service Value at The Ritz-Carlton is, “I am responsible for uncompromising levels of cleanliness and creating a safe and accident-free environment.” Much like Service Value 11, which addresses privacy and security, Service Value 12 is considered table stakes for luxury hotels.  If a hotel is not clean, then those deficiencies will be the […]

May, 2022 25th

5 Essentials to Create Excellence with our Virtual Course Experiences

With many focused on fostering purpose and driving value through their individual roles, organizations remain eager to drive transformation in meaningful ways to retain top talent, attract new talent all while powering meaningful customer, patient or fan experiences. As we know all too well, unforeseen circumstances will always come along to affect human society as we […]

April, 2022 13th

Lessons in Listening

Listening is not a passive activity. To be a good listener, you must pay attention, ask clarifying questions and respond appropriately. Giving your full attention to someone means that you are not thinking about what you might say in response—or even worse, wondering what you might make for dinner. A good listener is alert and […]

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Transform Customer Problems Into Opportunities

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To Be A Visionary, Have Courage

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The Power of Empowerment

March, 2022 09th

4 Tips for Addressing Employee Burnout

How do you handle employee burnout or engage employees who have lost their passion? More than three quarters, or 76%, of employees are experiencing burnout symptoms while working from home, according to a recent study conducted by Spring Health. Despite that, fewer people are taking time off to re-charge, and in turn are working longer hours […]

July, 2020 09th

Employee Engagement in Today’s Socially Distant World

Despite Social Distancing and Working from Home, Now More Than Ever You Should Be Focusing on Engagement with Your Co-workers and Employees. The CDC has recommended many essential precautions to address COVID-19 and as a result, social distancing and working from home are the new normal in many of our daily lives. As states and […]

August, 2019 27th

Navigating Workplace Friendships

Workplace friendships at work may seem like a potential distraction to productivity, but research from Gallup points out that employees who find a best friend at work “are seven times as likely to be engaged in their jobs, are better at engaging customers, produce higher quality work, have higher well-being, and are less likely to get injured […]

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4 Tips for Addressing Employee Burnout

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Avoid Awkward Customer Service

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Bank Mortgage Customer Service

August, 2019 20th

Exercising Discretion at Work

Ladies and gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton exercise discretion when expressing themselves. As a professional, it’s always important to choose your words carefully. Discretion is paramount when it comes to protecting our guests. This is particularly true when speaking about other people such as your colleagues and clients. By following these three simple guidelines, you can […]

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Employee Feedback

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Effective Interview Engagement

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Inspired Thinking: Long-Range Planning