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Discover the building blocks of organizational excellence.

By exploring the award-winning business practices of The Ritz-Carlton, you will discover how a service excellence culture results in engaged employees and customers. You will be guided through The Ritz-Carlton Gold Standards, the foundation of our iconic, global brand. You will also visit our key processes, such as onboarding and empowerment, that lead to legendary service, sustainable success, and customer loyalty.

Distinctive Topics

  • The Ritz-Carlton Culture: Through this in-depth review, you will learn about The Credo, Motto, The Three Steps of Service, The Employee Promise, and the 12 Service Values of The Ritz-Carlton.
  • The Ritz-Carlton Key Process, known as “The Systems Behind the Smiles”: One cannot extend legendary service without having robust systems and processes in place. You will hear about the selection process at The Ritz-Carlton and how we onboard talent and reward an...

Service is the true brand differentiator. Authentic, personalized service is what drives customer loyalty and creates passionate brand advocates.

To create customer loyalty, you must first elevate the customer experience. This journey focuses on the emotional and psychological aspects of creating a culture where personalized and impressive service is the norm. Learning will continue as you are taken through The Ritz-Carlton methods for fulfilling unexpressed wishes and needs, learning to stay-in-the-moment, and creating personalized experiences that surprise and delight. You will also discover and discuss the critical skills necessary for authentic customer engagement, and how to foster excellence within your culture.

Distinctive Topics

  • Emotional Connection: A discussion about the difference between functional and emotional benefits and why this distinction is critical to brand loyalty.
  • The Ritz-Carlton Key Service Principles: An overview of t...

Reinvigorate your customer experience professionals.

To inspire a culture of consistent and genuine customer service, your employees must understand the foundations of customer engagement and how to translate this understanding into actions. This highly interactive program focuses on The Ritz-Carlton customer experience fundamentals and the essential components of customer service. Every customer interaction impacts your brand, and each employee can further your organization’s path to exceptional service.

Distinctive Topics

  • Personal Power: A discussion on how all employees, not just the ones with big titles, have power. The ultimate power is in creating a memorable guest experience.
  • The Keys to Great Customer Service: The four key principles The Ritz-Carlton uses to help ensure our customers return.
  • Professional Presence: An overview of how The Ritz-Carlton Ladies & Gentlemen look, speak, and behave to ensure they are maintainin...

Explore and experience the business foundations of The Ritz-Carlton.

Explore the award-winning, transformational business practices of The Ritz-Carlton while experiencing The Ritz-Carlton ambiance. This journey will bring The Ritz-Carlton processes to life through our Ladies & Gentlemen and will provide the opportunity to observe strategic cultural practices such as a Line-Up and interact during an Employee Panel. Absorb our foundational processes, such as The Gold Standards, our key processes for onboarding and empowerment, and The Ritz-Carlton method for fulfilling unexpressed wishes, in the environment where they are all enlivened: a relaxed yet refined Ritz-Carlton hotel.

Intended Audience

  • All levels of professionals who are responsible for the customer experience or engagement disciplines through either first-hand interaction or m...

Creating an excellent service culture for patients begins with creating trust.

To create an experience that drives patient loyalty, an organization must offer consistently exceptional service to patients. Creating an organizational culture that will foster and sustain such a service culture begins by understanding the foundational business practices of The Ritz-Carlton, and how to leverage these processes in the healthcare industry. Throughout this journey, you will also learn how service provider onboarding and empowerment drive an elevated patient experience.

Distinctive Topics

  • The Ritz-Carlton Processes & Healthcare: Internalizing the key processes and systems that are the most applicable to the healthcare industry.
  • Talent Selection: The process of selecting, onboarding, and rewarding talent at The Ritz-Carlton and how this is applicable to your service providers.
  • Engagement in Healthcare: Recognizing the interrelationship betw...

Securing the Future Success of your Organization Starts by Developing Next-Generation Leaders Today.

Over 1,000 C-level executives identified developing next-generation leaders as the top business challenge they anticipate facing in 2018 (DDI source). At The Ritz-Carlton, We enable our clients to build their own toolkits by sharing our unique philosophy, processes, and leadership standards through these compelling offerings.
You will learn how The Ritz-Carlton excels at maximizing the talent of our next-generation leaders and how we leverage that strength to support our legendary brand’s continued success and relevance in today’s global market.

Intended Audience

  • New generation of leaders, first-time supervisors or managers, and all leaders already in role.

Three Leadership Excellence Modules

The Gold Standards of Leadership is comprised of three, three-hour modules that may be delivered on clients’ preferred date and ...

Learn how to craft and deliver an authentic apology.

To drive brand loyalty and create customers for life, your employees must understand the basics of problem resolution and how to deliver an authentic, genuine apology. This highly interactive program focuses on the fundamentals of listening, taking ownership of customer complaints, crafting an effective apology and follow-up. Today’s customers are less loyal to brands and businesses than in years past. By differentiating through excellent service recovery, you can drive higher customer engagement and trust in your brand.

Intended Audience

  • Service professionals who are responsible for providing the customer experience through first-hand interaction, such as a Customer Service Representative, Customer Experience Specialist, Receptionist, Front Desk Agent, Reservation Agent or Patient Services Coordinator.

Distinctive Topics

  • Problems or Opportunities: Learn the difference ...
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